Born and raised in Philadelphia, Tom Mackell might surprise listeners with the Southern influences evident in his Americana music. After spending several years in the inspiring low country of Charleston, he relocated to Nashville to continue his pursuit of a unique voice that juxtaposes his Northern roots against traditional Southern sounds. The result is a gritty, modern approach to classic country that transcends any singular sound, as is evident in singles such as Home Roads (2016) and Where the Whiskey Flows (2017).

For Mackell, 2018 has been a breakout year during which he has toured across the nation with world-famous band Sister Hazel as well as The Voice alumnus Tony Lucca. In addition to touring, Mackell secured a major songwriting cut with Lucca and has collaborated with several other burgeoning Nashville artists. With a new EP slated for early 2019, Tom is surely on the path to becoming one of your new favorite artists.